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Er Education is the culmination of a dream of the four brothers who established and set up Ermakpar, two of whom are teachers by training. The dream was to found a school and provide the students with the kind of access to information and knowledge seeking tools as they had not been themselves. However, until recently that this first dream stayed just that - until two more members of the family joined in with their own expertise in the sphere of education, and gave new spark to the flame.

The Path to Success

Now, with the combined experience of over 40 years being in business actively and over 25 in education, Er Education help students, universities and companies in the education sphere reach their internationalization and international recruitment goals.

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What We Do


We are official agents of universities in Canada, the US, the UK and Europe.


We represent Docsity (helping you find students) and DreamApply (helping you actually admit the students you find with the minimum amount of manhours and human resources). We also connect you to potential partners around the globe, through our personal sphere.

in the Education Sector

 We are more than happy to help you. Reach out and tell us what you need to reach your goals.


We organize 1 to 4 week programs on various topics, taught by experts.
For more information please follow our EVENT calendar, and contact us 

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