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Toronto School of Management / Toronto

Innovation and Entrepreneurship through our unique blend of theoretical, applied, and breadth learning, including work experience and multiple opportunities for experiential learning and entrepreneurship.

Toronto School of Management / Toronto

We work with industry leaders to design and deliver innovative and career-centric programs. We work tirelessly to provide students with the right combination of academic excellence and practical hands-on experience, educating ambitious people to take their careers further.

How we do it…
At TSoM, the way we do things is as important as what we do. We provide an inspiring, innovative and positive environment for our students, and all of our tutors have extensive practical experience to share.

Our highest priority is the future success of our students.

We are committed to offering courses that go above and beyond the rest.

Our collaboration with businesses means that we are always creating new ways to teach students relevant skills.

We believe that diversity is a source of strength, and we protect the rights and dignity of our students and staff.

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