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Sound Recording Course

An amazing soundtrack can be an integral part of a good television or film production.

Be at the forefront of this industry with the Sound Recording course at Trebas Institute, a program designed to teach you how to capture and mix audio, as well as design and set up a professional home or project studio.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Key Facts

  • Intakes: January, April, July and September


  • 555 hours

  • International Students: 12 Months-CAD$14,075

  • 3 Terms 12-months (45 weeks)

  • Full-time

  • Daytime classes

  • Different schedules available

  • ACS (Attestation of College Studies)

  • Program delivered in French or English

Program Overview

Term 1

  • MIDI Studio- 45h

  • Music Theory and Culture- 45h

  • Sound Elements of a Production- 45h

  • Setting Up of a Recording Studio- 45h


Term 2

  • Audio Postproduction- 45h

  • Digital Studio- 45h

  • Recording Sessions- 45h

  • Sound Recording for Film and Television- 45h



Term 3

  • Music Industry and Professional Activities- 45h

  • Mixing for Music- 45h

  • Mastering Techniques- 45h

  • Audio Equipment Maintenance- 45h

Recording Studio
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