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Film & Television Production

In the Film and Television Production program students receive hands-on experience on a variety of projects, including short films, web series, television broadcasts, commercials and much more!

They also have the opportunity to use different types of equipment, including various professional video cameras (everything from HD to 4K), sound recording equipment, lighting setups, television broadcast consoles, “green screens”, as well as the latest video post-production and editing software programs.

Image by Mark König
TV camera

Key Facts

  • Intakes: January, April, July and September


  • 555 hours

  • International Students: 12 Months-CAD$14,630

  • 12-month (45 weeks)

  • Full-time

  • Daytime classes

  • Different schedules available

  • ACS (Attestation of College Studies)

  • Program delivered in French or English

Program Overview

Term 1

  • Scriptwriting- 45h

  • Camera and Lighting- 45h

  • Scene Recreation- 45h

  • Sound Recording and Mixing- 45h



Term 2

  • Video Editing- 45h

  • Television Control- 45h

  • Cinematography- 45h

  • Directing and Film Production - 60h



Term 3

  • Semiology- 45h

  • Film and Television Industry- 45h

  • Web Series Production- 45h

  • Post-production for Film- 45h

Cameraman with Movie Camera
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