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The Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication

Interdisciplinary program that will develop your knowledge of media, cultural studies and business alongside theoretical and practical skills. The communication methods learnt and media training students get throughout this course are relevant to careers in professional writing, journalism, public relations, communications, and advertising.

Critique communication media influence on audience perceptions of issues, events, products and services. Evaluate the effectiveness and integration of all types of media and communications. Demonstrate communication-oriented research and information seeking strategies


Key Facts

  • Intakes:

    • Fall (October), Winter (January), Spring (April), Summer (July)


  • 4 Years- 40 Courses

  • International Students: 4 Years- CAD$73,080 

  • Full-time

  • Daytime classes/Online

Program Overview

  • The Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication (BABC) offers a scaffolded sequence of courses in business and communications. At the same time, it integrates courses in media studies to create an interdisciplinary degree that provides a sound background for work in media and communications organizations and other communications-related business careers. Team activities are an intrinsic part of many courses given that building team skills are essential for real world success. Courses are provided in both the online and face-to-face learning environments.

    • Preparatory

    • Tier 1 University Foundation

    • Tier 2 Disciplinary Foundation

    • Tier 3 Disciplinary Applications

    • Tier 4 Integrative Applications

  • For more information on course details:

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