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Analytics, Big Data and Business Intelligence

The rapid technological advances of recent years now require new expertise and skills. To be able to establish themselves in a competitive ecosystem, companies can now base their business strategies on big data and technologies derived from artificial intelligence research (Blockchain, Complex Systems, Scale Automation, etc.).

Upon completion of their training, the student will be able to set up networked and automated databases, operate data warehouses, perform fine analyses and produce detailed reports. This essential work will give a competitive advantage.

Business Agreement on the Terrace

Key Facts

  • Intakes: January, April, July and September


  • 1635 Hours

  • Domestic Students: 18 Months-CAD$20,000

  • International Students: 24 Months-CAD$30,000

  • 5 Semesters

  • Full-time

  • Different schedules available

  • ACS (Attestation of College Studies)

  • Program delivered in French or English

Program Overview

Term 1

  • Introduction to the computer work function - 45h

  • Programming and problem-solving languages - 75h

  • Mathematics Applied to Computer Science - 60h

  • Introduction to database operation - 75h

  • Software and hardware environment - 60h

Term 2

  • Reporting: Tables and graphs - 75h

  • Data Warehouses - 75h

  • Object-oriented programming- 105h

  • Middleware technology : Extracto-loaders - 90h

Term 3

  • Predictive modeling process for big data - 75h

  • Non-transactional master data analysis - 90h

  • Cybersecurity and block chain - 105h

  • Automation and artificial intelligence - 60h

Term 4

  • Charts, maps and dashboards - 75h

  • Computerized data exchange - 75h

  • Predictive analytics and business intelligence - 105h

  • Computer job integration - 60h

Term 5

  • Internship in analytics, mega data and business intelligence - 330h

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