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Established in 1983 in Ankara, Ermakpar has a well-earned reputation for trustworthiness and straight dealing. 

Seeking to bridge the gap between a socialist philosophy with the liberal tendencies of the 1980s Turkey, Ermakpar and later Er Group always led the path. 

Even then, we worked with a model similar to e-commerce of today, in the area of providing goods and services for the heavy industry or companies using heavy machinery. 


Our references are numerous to mention, after over 40 years in business, but here a few of our recent solution partners: 

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality 

Çankaya Municipality 

Ministry of National Defense

Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change

Ofiste Çalışan İş Adamı
Ofiste El Sıkışmak
Ofiste Tek Başına
Gökdelenler ve Türk Bayrağı
Güneşli Bir Ofiste Çalışmak
Toplantı Masası
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